We have listed below some Web sites which may be of interest to you.  We welcome news of any other sites you may feel will be of interest to others seeking more information on Spiritualism.

 The Healer Practitioner Association International:

(incorporating The Christian Spiritualist Society International)

Promotes Christian Spiritualism philosophy, mediumship and healing. Based

In Cardiff, South Wales.

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Leslie Flint/Educational Trust

Leslie Flint - most tested independent direct voice medium.

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National Federation of Spiritual Healers:

Worldwide spiritual healing body web page   

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The Two Worlds Spiritualist Magazine:

The longest running spiritualist magazine in the world

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Wimbledon Christian Spiritualist Church:

(Incorporating LAD Promotions). South London 

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Mediums Unlimited

Janet and David Gay, spiritualist mediums and healers based in the South West of England.  They are certified speakers, demonstrators and healers of one the main spiritualist bodies in the UK

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The Official Web Site of Physical Medium Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan was a most gifted physical medium whose life was dedicated to bringing comfort to many by demonstrating a calibre of mediumship so many have aspired to.

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Gordon Higginson - Medium Extraordinaire

Gordon Higginson was one of the best known mediums of recent times bringing comfort and upliftment to literally thousands throughout his long term of service mediumistically, as President of the Spiritualists'  National Union and Principal of The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted.

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Bournemouth Spiritualist Church

A beautiful thriving church here in Bournemouth run by two incredible twin brothers, Al and Geoff Potts and their team of co-workers. There is ALWAYS a most warm welcome for all who enter through its doors. Why not pay it a visit when next in town @

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